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Hands on Animal Party


All animal parties come to you!
animal party, birthday party kids party childrens entertainers entertainmentIt's up to you if you want to hire a venue or have the party at home!!

Cute and Cuddly Party

A popular choice for the girls!

Lots of fluffy animals including :
rabbits, chinchillas, 
Hedgehogs, owls and more...

Creepy Creatures    

Get hands on with everything slimy and creepy!! 
Giant snails, Giant millipedes, cockroaches, 
stick insects and more..


Rumble In The Jungle Party
Meet a  selection of exotic rainforest animals!!

including - snakes, lizards, frogs and more..

sofie and marmalade the snake
Pick 'n' Mix
Animal Party

bearded dragon  party animal
This is the most popular choice for people who want a bit of everything!!
Let me know if you have any requests!!

Woodland Animals
Meet all the woodland animals, hedgehogs, owls, frogs, snakes and more..

chirpy the barn owl

All of the animal parties are hands on!
 We ask for a max of 20- 25 children. Please see Terms and conditions page.
All of the children at the parties receive glossy certificates to take home!!

If you are located in Stourbridge or kidderminster area there is a £10 gift voucher off all birthday parties in there for you!! 

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