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Birds - We have 3 owls which all come and do visits and 3 parrots which sometimes do visits except Alfie the African Grey who has some bad language he came to us with! 

Small mammals - 
African Pygmy hedgehogs, chinchillas, rabbits, skinny pigs, sugar gliders, 'Eddie' the Gliss,gliss, Rats, 'Roxy' the Genet - who is now retired and our 2 dogs 'Harvey and Bailey'.

Reptiles and creepy crawlies -
'Sam' The Green Iguana, Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, 'Larry' Box Turtle, tortoise, corn snakes, royal python, Sand Boa, 'Stanley' - plated lizard, tree frogs, stick insects, tarantulas, scorpions, giant millipedes, giant snails, hissing cockroaches.

Please feel free to take a look!

Bizet - Little Burrowing Owl great party animal

snowball the african pygmy hedgehog eating meal wormsgliding frog diet insects has wings to glide 
Spike and ada the two rankings dragons diet - veg and insects
sydney bearded dragon origin australia loves worms and caterpillars great party animal
Larry  American box turtle eats insects and veg can close himself into his shell
marmalade marmalade is our super star snake and his is Amel in colour He eats mice and small rats and has 2 girlfriends!! rosie the tarantulaNew pictures thank you to Clive at Altered Images.

Roxy Species - Genet she is not a cat!! diat - insects, small mammals, small birds and fruithissing cockroaches
sugar glider - humbugscorpionherman hermans tortoise diet veg and salad (loves herbs!!) and being out in the garden!baby chinchillas south america  diet nuts , seed, grass hay and dried herbs
stick insect

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