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Mobile Petting Zoo

jaz and isle with marmalade the snake at a mobile zoo. Angie's Animal Antics provide mobile zoos to - school fetes, open days and festivals (during the day) - Not if there is going to be discos or live music anywhere near the animals. 

Fun days, garden centres, community events and much more...
Mini zoo's are also available for venues with limited space.
isla and african pygmy hedgehog (Murphy)

Our full mobile zoo includes a static animal display for all events with no limit on numbers of visitors.
The animals usually used are : -

 (snakes lizards, tortoises, turtles)
Giant Snails, millipedes, stick insects, cockroaches, frogs and toads etc..
 rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, 
African pygmy hedgehogs, Sugar gliders, rats and genet.
 A selection of owls and 'Wally' the parrot.
For all our mobile zoos we need

1) An under cover area, i.e. marquee, large gazebo
 (with sides) or a room.
 2) Parking for our van and we need to be able to load and unload near to where we are setting up as we have lots of equipment
3) Electricity - As a lot the animals are exotic they need heat lamps/mats.

Some pictures of last years mobile zoo's. We visited festivals, showrooms, garden centres, pet shops, open days, school fetes, charity events, shopping centres and many more...
 We are all looking forward to meeting you all again in 2014.
We travelled with our zoo all over the midlands, worcestershire, Malvern, shropshire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire, Leeds and London just to name a few.

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