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             Terms and conditions 
of bookings 

Payment agreement for schools, nurseries 
events etc..
Payments can be made vis cash, cheque, or Bank transfer (details on the invoice) on the day of the work carried out or in advance. Unless other wise agreed via email or speaking to Angie on the phone prior to the visit.

Birthday's, Parties and celebrations booked privately 
A non refundable deposit to be made to confirm your booking. If a deposit has not been received, you are not booked in! 
The remaining balance is due on the day of the party via cash or bank transfer prior to the day. sorry No cheques are excepted for private bookings.

Workshops/Mobile Zoos
Full payment is strictly on the day or prior to the arranged visit. Any cancellation made within 30 days of the planned visit the TOTAL cost of the booking will apply.
If the school is closed due to weather as long as the booking takes place within 30 days of the planned original booking no charge will occur. 

Any over due accounts after one week after the planned visit, will occur a £25 administration cost and an invoice will be sent to you. £25 will be added and send via invoice every week until the balance has been settled.
Please understand I am a small business and cannot be continuously chasing payments for account not settled on time

Hand Washing 
All bookings are required to make sure there are hand washing facilities provided. Please supervise children if needed.
No Eating and Drinking while the animals are being handled until hands have been washed at the end. 
 DO NOT use gel and baby wipes in-between handling each animal as the chemicals will transfer onto there feathers, fur and skin. Please wait until the end.

I reserve the right to refuse to either start a workshop/party/event or continue
if these Terms and conditions are not adhered to or if I feel my animals are going to be stressed or put in ANY danger.
 My Animal Welfare comes first! 

All encounters are designed to be hands on, therefore I ask for no more than 30 children in a class room/school hall. 
The room needs to be kept warm with any windows and doors closed at all times.
I expect a member of staff to be present at ALL times!
I would be grateful for multiple workshops to be based in the same room for the duration of the visit as moving all the animals in-between every workshop is very disruptive.

Parking Schools 
Please provide me a parking space at your venue near the entrance as I will be carrying lots of animals! Suitable for a small van.

Mobile Zoos/Events
We require a sheltered covered area at all times. (We reserve the right to withdraw any of the animals and refuse to set up if this condition is not met and charge in full for the event) We require an electrical outlet at 230 volts, all of our electrical items are PAT tested.

Parking Events
Parking for a High roof, long wheel based van will be needed NEXT TO our display. We will need constant access to this and will be doing MANY trips back and forward and depending on the size of display allow 1 or 1 and a half hours for us to set up.

Please read though all above information and please remember animals DO NOT like loud music, party poppers, bouncy castles and Balloons that pop! please wait until the animals have gone! 
Parties and celebration i ask for no more than 20 children.
I expect a parent/guardian to be present at all times and encourage parents to sit with the children especially if they are young and nervous or think they maybe disruptive!

If Angie's Animal Antics do not receive any correspondence once making the booking after 7 days about these Terms and conditions in writing via email
These terms and conditions will apply.

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